Wednesday, January 14, 2009

One down, forty-seven to go

I survived my first regularly scheduled school board meeting and think I might get the hang of this eventually. I didn't make any motions, as I'm still trying to figure out when you have to read the whole motion and when it can just be "as presented". Some of those motions are really long! I now only have 47 regular meetings in my term.

We only had one semi-controversial discussion on changing the weighting for honors classes. Evidently the students vying for valedictorian figured out that taking additional electives hurts their GPA even if they receive an "A". They are opting to sit in study hall to protect their GPA instead of trying out art, drama, woodworking, autos etc. Not everyone is thrilled with the new system but it seems to benefit the majority of students. It was an interesting and interactive discussion, which is what should happen.

I was invited to be a guest read at one of the elementary schools later this month in celebration of the 105th birthday of Dr. Seuss. I am reading Bartholomew and the Oobleck, a personal childhood fave. What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book of all time if you had to pick one? I love to read aloud so am really excited to do this. These are the rewards of school board service :-)

I'm getting some good knitting time in, which coincides with watching the yummy guys on Supernatural. I am so pleased that Guitar Guy (my darling husband) is enjoying the episodes too (but not with the same appreciation for the aforementioned yummy guys :-)) We are getting ready to start Season 3, Disc 3 tonight. We've been staying up until 1 AM on weeknights when they come in from Netflix. Can you say obsessed?

Yesterday I spent my day immersed in techy world trying to get my partner's laptop and our business desktop speaking to each other through our new VPN (virtual private network). The goal is for said partner to be able to sync her laptop with my desktop and share all of the client data between them. I had an IT guy out here for almost two hours trying to make sure my home wireless network was A)protected B)still working for all laptops including Guitar Guy's ancient IBook and C) allowing the VPN to do its thing.

I had much of the set up already done or this would have taken a lot longer and cost a lot more. I know just enough about computer tech stuff to be dangerous to myself and others. I'm a big fan of internet search engines for finding the answers to my questions. The downside is that it might take me anywhere from 2-6 hours to find those answers and get the bugs worked out. I'm just waiting now to hear back from my partner whether she was able to log in to my desktop from her home last night. Technology really is amazing. Tomorrow we install the new geriatric care software and I'm sure that will be another adventure.

I'm now off to see if pennants can be delivered in two weeks for the Foundation annual meeting I'm chairing. Help me say "No" the next time I'm asked to do one of these things! Why do I never remember that "It shouldn't be too much work" is misleading? Ah well- two weeks and it will be over for another year.

Stay warm, knit often, love much.


KnitTech said...

Yea, guys don't seem to have the same appreciation of yummy hot guys or jokes. Why can't women use a ruler.... If you really answer, let me know.

Forty-seven more? Plenty of sock knitting time.

Roxie said...

Hooray for you! I am so excited to know someone who actually participates in a school board instead of just complaining about the results!

My favorite Seuss? Horton Hears a Who. "A person's a person, no matter how small."

Amy Lane said...

My favorite Seuss? Fox In Socks or Yertle the Turtle... I'm sort of a masochist that way:-)

Mate and the kids like Supernatural too... but, as you said, not quite like we do, I think:-) (And I"m so proud of us, spreading the Winchester love:-)

Have you seen Seussicals? You'd probably really love it!

Donna Lee said...

I love The Lorax ("I am the Lorax, I speak for the trees"). It's a shame that the kids are afraid to take what could be a life altering class in drama or music because they're afraid of bringing down their gpa. The arts classes were the best of the whole four years.

Roxie said...

Galad, dear heart, I can't find your e-mail address. The box arrived! Oh joy! What goodies!

I saw that the yarn was lovely mocha nad cream tones, and thought Coffee Pot Rock had to do with cafe'au lait or java. It's a rock formation? Wayyyyy cool! The soap is heavenly (lavender is my fave fragrance) and I love the little kokopelli pin. He rocks, too. I had forgotten that London Bridge is in Arizona now. What a kick!

Thank you thank you for the splendid prize! My kitties thank you also. They are fighting over who gets to sleep in that scentual box.