Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Warm and Cozy

I am now safely back in the land of the saguaro and have been hugged and purred by all members of my family. Pippin has hardly left my side all night so I guess I was missed!

It was a good visit with my dad and I got 3/4 of a sock done. We mostly went to take care of errands he has been saving up and ventured out to eat once. That's the first time Dad has been out to eat since the beginning of October. He discovered the restaurant was manageable with his walker so hopefully will return to eating out with his best friend. They've been going to Red Lobster every other week for about 10 years, so the routine has been much missed.

This week on Ravelry I committed to do the Sanguine Gryphon KAL of the Embossed Leaves sock pattern using Bugga yarn (a merino, cashmere,nylon blend). I have a skein I've been saving to try, so now is the time. The fact that I have 3 other socks in progress was no deterrent. We don't start until this weekend which gives me time to find the pattern and finish up my DIL's Phoenix Suns socks.

I also ordered yarn for the February Lady sweater for the same DIL. Since she is so tiny, I will be making the XXS, so shouldn't take too long (famous last words!). There are tons of suggestions on Ravelry so hopefully I can avoid some of the struggles others have had with this project.

Thursday night is the annual meeting I've been planning. We are now down to the nitty gritty and my stress level is going up. I discovered today that whatever centerpieces the restaurant supplied last year are no longer there and I need to come up with something. I'm going down tomorrow to see what they do have on hand and then will make a quick trip to Walmart for any supplies. Of course I should have checked in to this weeks ago but assumed it was taken care of. In any event, the whole thing will be over in two days and I won't have to deal with it for another year (or not at all if I can find a new patsy).

If you have any simple but elegant centerpiece ideas please send them my way!


Em said...

Welcome home! What's it like to be warm? I'll bet it's nice. I hope your dad can get back into his routine of going out with his friend, it sounds like it's important to him. Though, maybe the friend can come over and they can have lunch delivered?

Hmmmm, centerpieces. You can always opt for some small vases with colored stones in the bottom and some kind of easy cut flowers. You could also go to your local garden center and get a few potted plants to put in the center, something that's blooming or looks interesting, and wrap the pots in some festive paper. The other thing you could do is check out your local party supply store and see what they have pre-made or partly put together. I'm also always in favor of candles, they look so nice.

Amy Lane said...

I've got no centerpiece ideas--but I am awfully glad to welcome you home! And I have to say, uhm, lookit you go! (I take credit for turning you to the dark side you know...) Not just one, not just two, but FOUR socks on the needles at a time. *sniff* I'm just so proud.)

Roxie said...

Hope the meeting went well. What did you decide on for centerpieces, and what happens to them after the dinner?