Monday, February 2, 2009

Monday is over!

You will be pleased to know that I finally got the Christmas tree hauled out to the garage and boxed up the Christmas village. It isn't all put away on the shelves but at least I'm 3/4 of the way there. I'm still ahead of my all time record of February 14th for the removal of ho-ho-holiday kitsch.

After looking at my check book and the limited prospects of an income for a couple of months, I have become the grinch when it comes to spending money. Thankfully I sneaked in some Mini Mochi and the Dream in Color Classy for DIL's sweater before my yarn diet started. Knitting from stash for a few months won't hurt at all - there is some great stuff in there! So far I'm really liking the Bugga Embossed Leaves KAL on ravelry. The Bugga from Sanguine Gryphon has a little cashmere for luxury and nylon for wear. It feels marvelous and I like watching the leaves appear.

Unfortunately my self imposed scrimping also means I can't buy books for right now. I guess it is once again time to admit to the library that I've lost my library card and plead for a new one. I'm sorting through my shelves looking for books I can sell. I've done fairly well with that on Amazon and it is pretty easy. Gotta come up with enough to buy Bitter Moon II! Shouldn't be too hard if I dedicate a couple of hours to the cause.

The really fun part of today was losing my car keys. I finished a meeting around 3 PM and planned to run errands. An hour later I was still searching. Misplacing my keys isn't unusual for me but they weren't in any of the spots they turned up in before. Hubby came home and helped search to no avail. The spare key is nowhere to be found. Cleaned a bag full of stuff out of my closet trying to find the box it was in.

My next move was to try to get a key made. No such luck. Cars made after 2005 use keys with computer chips. I had to drive to the dealership with my registration and ID to get the unique key code for my car. By then it was 5 PM and the locksmith was closed for regular hourly rates. The other fun part was being informed I'd have to have the car towed to the dealership to have the key programmed.

Went back home and tore the house apart again including two outside cans of garbage. Suddenly while preparing dinner I realized I hadn't checked one bag with newspaper from this morning. Sure enough, when I checked that bag, the key had gotten covered by a circular and scooped up with the rest. Hurray for found keys (though do you think I could have remembered before sorting through old coffee grounds and other disgusting meal remnants?)

Anyway, Icey, Merry and Pippin send you a happy purr that Monday is now over and we are on to better things.


Roxie said...

There are beepers you can attach to your keys that will go off when you hit a wall-mounted trigger. Obviously you are not the only person in the world who does this.

Em said...

I am forever forgetting where I put my keys, between switching coats and carrying things in and just generally being forgetful. The worst, though, was the first winter I had the jeep. I didn't lose my key, but I managed to lock myself out while it was running. I'd turned it on to warm up while I cleaned the snow off the car, and reflexively locked the door when I closed it. The only other spare was with Jim, who was halfway to New Jersey. I begged him to turn around and bring me the key. Not a fun morning. I had about four other spares made, I always keep at least one on my dresser.

Amy Lane said...

I cannot comment on the purchase of Bitter Moon II, since I am antsy and impatient--I really want you to tell me what you think!!! (And the last thing you need is me, going 'must go faster...find money faster...faster...darnit now!!!)

And when I rule the world, we will be allowed to start our cars with our fingerprints alone. It's the only way I won't lose my keys!!!

KnitTech said...

Hate it when the keys disappear into the void. Glad you found them.

Donna Lee said...

I'm usually good with keys. I always put them in my purse. What a pain it is to replace new ones! Another good reason to keep my old car. Not buying books is hard but hopefully your library is a good one. We are blessed with a county library near by.