Friday, February 20, 2009

The mail merge is complete

It took most of the day today, but I am victorious in completing the mail merge and getting 7o marketing letters safely on their way. Now I just need to make myself some notes so I don't have to go through this the next time.

Quickbooks - conquered. 2008 financials are printed out and on disc to go to the accountant. It shows absolutely that we lost money in 2008. Of course considering that we didn't really open until October and had months of start-up expenses before that, it wasn't too bad. We are optimistic that eventually there might even be a paycheck involved!

It has been a good and productive week. I'm even on the foot of my roulette sock so should get done in plenty of time.

My daughter-in-law was an ultrasound model at the medical school and found out the baby is larger than average (thought not abnormally so). This has her a little worried since she is about a size 3 with no hips to speak of. She also knows my son has a large head, which made my labor very interesting. I think sometimes it is better not to know so much :-)

Now it is time to watch the rest of the Phoenix Suns game and enjoy my well earned rest.


Amy Lane said...

Yay on a productive week!!!! (Huz-ZAH!) And hopefully all is well with the big baby... like you said, interesting labor! (If my husband's head wasn't little teeny, my labors could have been REALLY awful... we're a big cranium crowd...)

Roxie said...

There is nothing sinful about a C-section, and it's a lot easier on the baby than being squeezed and bruised through a difficult delivery. Mom and her OB can decide what's best when the time comes.

Great review. You HAVE had a good week, haven't you?