Saturday, February 21, 2009

Bitter Moon II rocks

I finished Bitter Moon II today with tears in my eyes and sorrow in my heart. Tears for the beauty of the ending after the roller coaster ride of emotions and sorrow that the book was finished!

I have mentioned before that I savored this book. I usually skim and tear through stories at break neck speed. This time I felt I owed Bitter Moon II the time and attention it deserved given the passion and tears put in to it by Amy Lane!

In times like ours, when the world is so uncertain and fears threaten to take hold, being reminded of the sweetness with the bitter is a gift.

I'm going to go wash the mascara off my face now as the racoon look is definitely not attractive!

P.S. Way to go editing team! The book looks so professional!


Donna Lee said...

I am going to buy this book and savor it too. When I was younger, I ran through books as fast as I can. Now, I read slowly and enjoy. I think that listening to books has made me more patient (you can't rush them!). I do still read the end first.

Amy Lane said...

:-) *bows shyly* Thank you, Galad... I'm sincerely honored... (and sincerely indebted to my editing team!)