Friday, February 27, 2009

First graders are too cute

I went to school this morning to read my Dr. Seuss book to the first graders (two classes) and had a great time. They are just too cute, and most listened very attentively. I am a hammy reader and did voices and hand gestures to go with the story so that may have helped.

For Monday I need to pick something a little shorter than Bartholomew and the Oobleck though. It is a "big" book as Dr. Seuss stories go and took a little longer than the teachers expected. I've got "Six by Seuss" out in the garage so can pick something out of that. Sadly, I was the only school board member there. I know some don't have the job flexibility I do, but boy do they miss out on the fun!

I have my roulette sock almost done and will wash it and put on the sock blocker today so it looks beautiful for the recipient. Now I need to get back to the sweater. I missed an increase and am debating whether to tink back or just frog it and start over again. I set it aside last Sunday when I realized my mistake and haven't gotten back to it.

Today I'm scheduling marketing visits for next week and did a presentation for a nurse practitioner's office yesterday. So far, people have been very receptive to the idea of our new business. We'll have to see if that translates in to referrals. We also have an ad coming out in the paper Sunday and are scheduling our ribbon cutting with the Chamber of Commerce within the next two weeks.

My goal for today is putting my house somewhat in order so that I can work on taxes this weekend. Fun, fun stuff!


Donna Lee said...

I love reading to kids. My daughter and I read the Hobbit together and it is one of my favorite memories. Em had a 1st grade teacher who couldn't teach reading so I read Harriet the Spy with her and the Borrowers and some Nancy Drew. When she went back to school after summer break, you couldn't keep the books out of her hands and now she is a reading fiend. Those kids are lucky to have grownups read to them. And I'm jealous that you are getting to read to them! And then you went and used the "T" word. I'm not ready, yet.

KnitTech said...

How far back was the missed increase? One row? Three? Go down that row and use a hook and pick up the stitch. It will be a bit tight, but you can stretch it out. Or tinking works.

Briana in India! said...


Amy Lane said...

I actually like reading to big kids too! And I have to say, Knittech stole my idea for how to fix the sweater. (Since I had to frog my roulette sock this morning, believe me, I feel your pain..)

Roxie said...

One stitch? How far down? Does it foul the pattern much or do you have to know what you're looking for? I
d just asdd it where I was and carry on. But then, I produce some rather wonky looking things sometimes.

Em said...

I would call the missed stitch a design feature. But then, I'm not what is generally considered to be a good knitter. Something about my unwillingness to rip back very far at all to fix things. I blame the socks that shall not be named.

Reading to the small ones sounds like a bunch of fun! It is a shame more board members couldn't be there. Kids are so cute for a while. And then they hit a certain age and you just want to lock them in a closet til the hit twenty five or so.