Monday, March 2, 2009

Second graders are pretty cute too

Someday when I am ready to step down from the board end of things, I would love to be a reading helper at the one of the elementary schools. Today I got to read to about 50 second graders and once again had a ball. I agree with those that said reading to big kids is fun too. I actually started reading to my kids again when my son was in late grade school and in to middle school. It was a great way to spend time together and once started on a series, they kids couldn't get enough.

This is going to be a really busy week and busy month. What a difference from a year ago when I was still trying to reinvent myself. I think I was successful :-) Tomorrow night is our first school board work session on the proposed budget cuts for next year. Positive thoughts beamed my way would be much appreciated.

This week the Guitar Guy and I are working our way through the Firefly episodes. Too bad there is only one season!


Em said...

It's great that being on the school board gives you the opportunity to do fun stuff along with the icky budget meetings. I'll bet the second graders loved being read to! Have fun with the hubby watching Firefly tonight. One of the best stay-home dates Jim and I ever had was watching Serenity and eating good Chinese food.

Roxie said...

Firefly rocks!

All good wishes for the meeting. face is squinched tight as I SQUUEEEEEZE out big good vibes for you!

Amy Lane said...

That's really awesome-- you're taking this job so seriously-- you're really an asset to your community! (I know a community asset--that's almost respectable of me!)

Enjoy Firefly-- LURVE that show!