Monday, March 23, 2009

Methodical Monday

I'm having one of those time periods when I feel like there are too many big things on my plate let alone the hundreds of little ones. Spring is often like that for me, pushing to get big projects done before summer and every organization I belong too in high gear.

For those of you who live in the cold country, spring is about gradual warmth, rebirth, color and all those other enjoyments you've been without for many months. In the desert, spring is about getting everything done that you can before the heat slams in again and people head out of town for as much of the summer as possible.

I have marketing calls I still need to make for my consulting business before getting in and out of the car leaves me a drippy mess. I need to do some work in the garage before it is only possible at 6 AM without risk of heat exhaustion. Finishing the paint on my kitchen ceiling while I can still open the windows for airing the house would be another good one.

Instead of doing any of those things I'm writing my blog, drinking coffee and pondering my "to do" list with trepidation. If I'm not careful I have a tendency to procrastinate. Instead of just jumping in and getting done what I can, I put it off until tomorrow or the day after or whatever. Once I start moving, I'm efficient, productive and more self motivated.

That means I need to pick one task and do it. Now. If I take just that one step, I can move through the rest of today's list. Onward.


KnitTech said...

Where is knitting on your list?

Galad said...

Knitting is my relaxation at the end of the day.

Roxie said...

Put on some rockin' tunes or better yet, a book on tape, and just do the first thing at hand. Let the busy conscious part of your brain go play with the story, and the autonomic reflexes will take care of the rest. Anyone can fold laundry with half a brain. And having someone read to you while you paint is a real treat!

Amy Lane said...

How sad is it that this is how I feel about cleaning any room in my house? And I'm with knittech--don't forget to knit!