Thursday, March 19, 2009

Half way around the world

I am thoughtful this morning after reading the blog of Briana Jones, a family friend doing her Master's research in India. If you have a few moments in your busy lives, I suggest you read her blog at or just click in the link in my list of people I follow.

Briana is an experienced world traveler, and has been living and studying in Amsterdam since last summer. I am grateful for the time she takes to blog about her life and photos she posts but never more so since she left for India in February. She knows I was concerned about her safety there but she is a courageous and adventurous young woman and chose her course after a great deal of thought.

The reason I am thoughtful today is in appreciation of clean drinking water and flush toilets in my house. What tremendous riches we have that we take for granted (along with air conditioning and electricity that stays on 99% of the time). I am also very grateful for those in our world who choose to work to improve the lives of others.


Donna Lee said...

I had a friend who once asked her grandmother which modern convenience she most appreciated. She thought her grandmother would say the refridgerator or the stove. Instead she said "running water". Makes you think about what we take for granted.

Em said...

It's humbling sometimes to stop and realize what amazing luxuries we have and how truly blessed we are to live where and when we do. We have basic freedoms, decent health care and living conditions, and electricity. And clean, safe running water. So many places in the world are battling just to get simple clean water... Thanks for reminding me that I am lucky, and that it is good to be here.

Amy Lane said...

I am frequently amazed at how much we have that we don't even think about... and we should!

Roxie said...

The where and the when of our lives puts us in luxury unthinkable even 150 years ago. When people want to do that, "Wouldn't you love to live there and then?" game, I just laugh.