Thursday, March 5, 2009

How did it get to be Thursday already?

I keep wondering how it got to be Thursday already, let alone March! I know our hot weather is approaching and I already had to make that decision about dragging out the summer clothes. My house was 80 degrees inside last night till I opened the windows. I love have the windows open, unfortunately, my allergies do not. Antihistamines all around?

This is my one day of the week when I have no meetings scheduled, no deadlines looming, no particular place I have to be. Of course as soon as I let down, I recognize that my house looks like crap (or carp as the filkers would say). I'll think about that tomorrow.

I sent out a birthday card to my son (and oldest child) today. When did I get old enough to have a 26 year old? He is not happy about being on the down side of his 20's and I'm wishing to be 40 again :-). Good thing they are young with a baby coming, finding a new rental house, moving in April etc., etc., etc. Of course the baby is due right in the middle of medical school finals for his mother. She then has to study all June to take her first set of boards. It makes me exhausted just thinking about it.

My darling daughter called the other night to fill me in on her busy life. The thought of her inserting sharp things in to people is a little frightening but I'm sure she only "pinches" them a little. I am beyond proud of what she is doing with her life and am constantly amazed at the insight and compassion in one so young. Am I biased? Damn straight!

I sent my roulette sock off on its merry way to England. When I took the box to the mail center, I was asked, "Contents?" "One sock" says I. I got a very strange look. Once I explained the concept, she was very intrigued by the idea and thought it was cool. I agreed. See what blogging leads to?

Thanks to all of the good thoughts you sent my way. I survived the budget meeting and sans rotten fruit and vegetables. There were good questions, lots of concerns (rightfully so) and few answers. Until our state decides what they are doing with their budget, we are kind of stalled. We are looking at cutting 20 teachers, which is scary for staff and painful for all of us. That is just one measure we will to take. What worries me more is that equal cuts are anticipated by the State for 2010-2011. I can't even think about that now - it makes my head hurt and requires me to drink heavily. That probably wouldn't be a good idea before going out to run errands in the community. I am supposedly a role model now :-)

I am off to the library to return my books on time. I'm not going to get any more this time as I have a pair of gift socks and the February lady sweater to work on. Unlike Julie, I can't read and knit at the same time. How about you?


Amy Lane said...

I actually can read and knit at the same time-- but it has to be straight, plain vanilla knitting-- preferably in the round, but flat stockinette works well too!

*LOL* I never thought about what it would be like to send 'One sock... and the materials for the other one!'

I'm nearly halfway done with my roulette sock--but oops! I should write that pattern, shouldn't I!

(Filking... it spreads...)

Roxie said...

Like, Amy, I can read and knit vanilla. Julie warps my head. I won't even TRY lace and she knits complicated stuff while reading something else. I think whe's a mutant or an alien or something.

Hooray for getting through the budget meeting. Could you cut a junior principal or two and save the teachers' jobs? Or would people consider taking cuts in pay and benefits to save jobs?

Em said...

I figured I was doing well with just knitting in the dark. Julie's blog forever humbles me, since I'm pretty sure she can do ANYthing. Fibers fear her, and rightly so.

I hope the next round of budget meetings isn't too traumatic. I'm glad there's someone who's compassionate and rational and interested in the quality of education in the district on the board. They are lucky to have you.