Wednesday, March 11, 2009

March Madness

No, I'm not talking about college basketball. I'm talking about my crazy life this month.

You all are aware of the struggles we are having with school district budgeting and the positive thoughts you keep sending my way do help. I've been on both sides of budget cuts and downsizing before and it isn't any fun. My biggest frustration right now is that our staff are left hanging because we are waiting for the State to decide what they are doing with their budget. It doesn't look like we are going to know anything for at least a couple more weeks.

On the plus side our drafting classes at the high school just kicked butt at the the state competition. They have an awesome teacher who really helps his students excel.

The youth organization I work with as a board member is losing our Executive Director at the end of this week. Though we have been working on a transition plan, we probably will still be without an ED for another 4-6 weeks at least. I had offered to be the interim director a month or so ago but now my business is starting to pick up (a very good thing!) and I don't have as much time. Starting Friday, a group of board members will be leading the organization. Have you ever been involved with anything led by committee? Exactly. It will be challenging and time consuming.

My late night meetings are seriously cutting in to my knitting time! That is just wrong. I have gotten through the yoke for DIL's sweater and I understand the lace goes pretty fast, so am optimistic I can make good progress on it. I love the color and my Knitpicks Options Nickel circulars I got for Christmas. They are so smooth and shiny.

Now I am off to the shower before my next meeting. Some days it happens that way.


KnitTech said...

You don't knit through meetings? I do, it's the only thing that keeps the urge to stab someone in the eye with a pencil.

Galad said...

I can knit through some meetings but some people are funny about it. Go figure.

Donna Lee said...

I try to knit through some things but people ARE funny about it. I'm not sure why since it doesn't bother anyone or impede their ability to hear. Good luck with the "rule by committee" thing. That always works so well....

Amy Lane said...

Galad-- you are much more mature than I am--I knit through meetings and make people deal with it, but then, I'm not in a position of authority or respect, either!