Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day

Here's wishing everyone a Happy Valentines Day! As we are being frugal this year, my husband got a 1/2 lb. of cappicola from our local Italian meat market (one of his all time favorites). I got Bitter Moon II - Squeeee! This means nothing else will get done this weekend while I read. Drat - just when I was hoping to clean the bathroom grout with a toothbrush :-)

It has been a week full of meetings with a few things accomplished in between. My partner Beth and I are preparing a marketing mailing to go out to attorneys, CPA's, financial advisors, personal bankers etc. that see the elderly on a regular basis. I got a draft letter written, she's inputting all the addresses in to Outlook and then I get to try a mail merge. I've done a mail merge exactly once.

On the bright side I'm not intimidated by most computer stuff. I just keep going back to the help button or look online to get my questions answered. It has been an enlightening experience doing my own labels, graphics, marketing development pieces etc again when I had gotten used to having "people" who could do those things with my input. Boy do I miss their expertise as I fumble through set up stuff for an hour that they could do in minutes. On the other hand, the feeling of accomplishment when it works is totally mine!

I am now off to immerse myself in another land and time. Please do not disturb.


Donna Lee said...

Ok, I'm just sneaking in quietly.... We have never made a tremendous big deal of Valentine's Day. Everyday is a good day to show love but any day when I get a very good day.

Roxie said...

What is that cappiacola stuff? You are in for a treat with Bittermoon!

And hooray for bravery in the face of the learning curve! I'm so PROUD of you!

Amy Lane said...

I'm with Roxie-- you go with the bravery in the face of computer intimidation... that's no small thing!

(:-hoping it's worth the wait:-)