Sunday, May 25, 2008

The branch didn't fall on the car

As I was innocently watching Porkey's II, after finishing my beautiful spring dishcloth, I noticed the following notice posted on my daughter-in-law's Facebook, "Alex is glad the giant branch fell next to the car instead of on top of it!" The Des Moines area had high winds and hail tonight. Evidently the huge tree in the front of their rental house left a parting gift. Given that both cars sit in the driveway, that could have been ugly. I think flowers are a better sign of spring in the Midwest than tornados and thunderstorms.

It has been a very nice weekend so far and we plan to go see the new Indiana Jones movie tomorrow. That sounds like much more fun than scrubbing the soap scum off our bathroom shower. I always seem to leave those chores until the end when it comes to cleaning.

Last night I got to hear my husband play guitar with a band he joined one week ago. It was a private party and I got to meet a whole bunch of people I didn't know. Good thing I'm fine talking to anyone who happens to be in my immediate vicinity. By the time the first hour passed I knew at least a couple of names, had some great potato salad and found my way to the bar. The band sounded great but a little loud for the neighbors and the local police. Some people just don't appreciate classic rock and roll. Fortunately the sets were scheduled to end fairly early, so it wasn't a real problem.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. Stay safe and relax. All those "should's" will still be there on Tuesday.


Roxie said...

We went to see "Indy" too. Wahhooo! The old boy still has it!

You know, if you quit scrubbing off the soap scum, the bathroom will look awful enough to be remodeled sooner. It's a thought.

Amy Lane said...

Excellent choice of movies! And it must be pretty cool to be with a guy in a band!

Donna Lee said...

What do the neighbors know? It sounds like you all had a good time. We have had so much rain this spring that when a wind storm came through, the big old trees just toppled over. I think 3 on my street fell over and had to be cut up and hauled away. It was kinda sad. One of them just missed the neighbor's classic Cadillac. We were lucky, our trees withstood the storm. Good thing cause I'd miss them.

Em said...

How wonderful your husband found a band to play with. You get so many reflected cool points now, too, as a side benefit.

I'm glad the giant tree branch missed the cars, and especially the house.