Saturday, May 10, 2008

Home at last

Several days later and thousands of dollars later we still don't know much more about daughter's illness than when we started. Gastritis seems to be the consensus, but the final results won't all be in until later in the week. The badger in her stomach seems to be only slightly restless and food is once again being ingested. That is a vast improvement!

On the positive side, she gets to go home tonight. We are sitting impatiently in the hospital room waiting for the night nurse we don't like to finish report so daughter can get discharged. She is excited about having a real shower and seeing her cats. The cats like me but have missed her terribly.

Thanks for the good wishes. Knowing support is winging its way to you, does make the waiting a little easier.


Donna Lee said...

Pancreatitis, maybe? I understand it it painful and doesn't allow one to keep food down. I'm glad she's feeling better. Young folk heal quickly (and they don't appreciate how much that will change when they age!) I hope this is soon a distant memory.

Amy Lane said...

Well definite good wishes--here's hoping it's a fluke, an oddity, and it will just go away like my illness last year--in fact, I'm crossing my fingers for just that.