Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Moving forward

My head is spinning after talking to the CPA this morning about setting my consulting business and a separate collaboration for geriatric care management. If any of this succeeds, I'm going to be a very busy girl by this time next year! The good thing is I feel energized and like I'm moving forward. Now that I have a better understanding of all those little details like payroll, deductions, quarterlies and other esoteric IRS shit, I feel confident enough to file my paperwork and dig in.

I spent about 4 hours yesterday working on one of two business plans I need to generate, and at least have the bare bones. I'm probably weird because I love research and putting together plans like this. Of course the exciting part really comes when I find out whether the plan has any bearing on reality.

We say Indiana Jones as planned over the weekend and I loved it. Harrison Ford may be old but he's still Indie! I called my son immediately and told him to go see it because he loves a great sword fight.

My husband is thrilled to know that some of you think being in a band is cool. It is kind of fun to be a groupy too, although I draw the line at carrying gear. Here's the hunk himself showing off a new riff. No they didn't lock them up - the fence is around a back yard pool :-)

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's back to work I must go. My business plan is calling. Happy Wednesday!


Donna Lee said...

Hunk, indeed! My husband plays the guitar, or used to, and I miss hearing him play. For Christmas a few years ago, I got him a bodhran and he banged on it while I was strumming the autoharp he bought me. As soon as we talk one of the girls into blowing on a jug, we have a jug band! Not much call for jug band music but who cares?

Roxie said...

Good for your hubby! He's one handsome muscian!

And good for you for planning geriatric care. Boy is THAT ever the coming thing! Hope you will still have time to knit a bit.

Em said...

Best of luck with your business ventures! And congrats on having yourself a mate who's talented and handsome, too. Double extra cool points get awarded for that.

Amy Lane said...

Oh, Galad--it might be the guitar, but he's hot!

And good for you--go forward, kick some ass! I'm so impressed--you are good at some important things that I so totally don't get, and the world needs you!