Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Kitchen Ceiling is Taunting Me

It just sits there, taunting me. I didn't finish the kitchen ceiling when I painted and it won't let me forget it. From my preferred seat on the couch, laptop comfortably ensconced, I can see that damn ceiling. You know how it is when the tiny details of a project are all that remains and you just don't want to do them? That is the ceiling. It is symbolic of all the other finish work I need to do that is time consuming and quite boring.

This week I'm supposed to be working on a planning session I am facilitating next week and a proposal for a job I'm pitching to a major employer in our community. Did I also mention that I'm supposed to be writing two business plans by the end of this month? I'd rather be knitting.

I allowed myself to cast on the hat I'm doing for my daughter and snuck in a couple of rows before work called to me again. Of course all three cats have decided today that they are severely neglected, desparately need to be on my lap, and that dinner time really is at 3 PM (they lie). Thanks to their assistance, my dark blue yarn has aquired a very mohair like halo!

Now that I have shared my slothful tendencies and whined every so slightly, I need to at least clear the table. That way it will look like I did something productive today!

P.S. I finished my first socklet! The color doesn't show quite right but you get the idea. My toe grafting definitely needs a lot of practice! I now must cast on the second right away. I guess that ceiling will just have to wait.


Donna Lee said...

Yay for finished socklets! I am a terrible toe grafter (sounds like a Dr Seuss character) so I often do the 'draw the tread through the remaining stitches and pull tight' thing.

Amy Lane said...

Oooh...very pretty--what a wonderful first effort! (and my last toe graft looked pretty ick-- as long as your improvement curve beats mine!)