Monday, May 19, 2008

Is it Hot!

112 degrees today - that is what the paper says. 112 degrees in May - UGH. It figures.

Thursday night is Project Graduation in our community. It is a great program for keeping kids safe on grad night and I am working it - outside - in the heat. I wish I could say I didn't know better, but I do. I've done this event before, but quit, in part, because of the soul sucking heat that can occur at this time of year.

This year I am the board of this wonderful organization and heard my mouth saying, "I have some time to help" before my brain shrieked "NO". When will those two get together! It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't sweat like a pig. I once (MANY YEARS AGO) had an aerobics instructor tell me that ladies "glow". No - I sweat and it isn't pretty.

Maybe if I start hydrating now, I'll still have some fluid left in my body. I wish I could look forward to losing weight but that doesn't work either. If you've ever seen one of those dehydrated sponges that springs to 10 times its size when wet, that is what happens with dehydration. As soon as you drink water, the weight all comes back. It really sucks.

Of course there wouldn't be as much weight to worry about if I wasn't so busy "doing lunch". In an effort to maintain my business network and see more of my friends, I seem to be going out for lunch at least a couple of times a week. That would be lovely if it didn't come with food. I go with the best of intentions to have an appetizer or side salad and the next thing I know - Philly Cheese Steak. Once again brain and mouth just are not working together for my health and well being. If my increasing bulk is any indication, I must be headed for success!

Speaking of potential success, has anyone here ever run for public office? The deadline is approaching for pulling packets for school board and I am seriously considering it. My husband is less than excited. He's afraid I will get overly committed and never be home. I'd say he is wrong if there weren't precident for it. I do tend to put my whole self in to my passions.

The thing is, I think I could do some good on the school board. I've thought about running for about 10 years but either was too busy with work or had kids at home with all their activities. I don't have a particular agenda other than a belief in the importance of education, and my experience in nonprofit management would be helpful in working with the structure. I've talked with the school superintendent, who thinks I would be a great addition to the board. I have two wonderful kids who graduated from this district in large part because of the educators who helped them be successful. I think it is time to give something back.

Of course I do have to run for the office and might not get elected. I'd be ok with that too. And I probably will have to do more lunches. So what do you think?


KnitTech said...

112? Ouch. We generally don't hit that high until July/Aug.

Em said...

Thanks for reminding me why I love the East Coast! Maybe eleven billion inches of rain isn't so bad, after all...

Thank you for volunteering to help with project graduation. My friends and I all benefited from volunteers just like you not so very long ago. It's a great program, and it does make a difference for kids. I hope it doesn't get to be a health issue for you, and that the heat's not too miserable.

Amy Lane said...

I think you are far braver than I am--and therefor, more than qualified for the job!!! (And good for you, volunteering! How awesome!)

Donna Lee said...

Project Graduation is such a great thing. I didn't know it was a national thing. And you know, the election thing? It means rubber chicken lunches/dinners. But I say go for it. The school board needs women with good ideas!

PS, I sweat too. People ask if I'm feeling OK because I look so sodden. Then I look at others on the train and they all look so composed and pulled together.