Friday, May 16, 2008

There's no place like home

My butt is firmly nestled in it's favorite spot on the couch and my cats are purringly surrounding me. It is good to be home (except for the cat crap all over the bathroom floor and tub!) One of the cats continues to have digestive difficulties but tail checks still have not revealed the culprit. Once I got over being disgusted and cranky, life was again good.

The conference was good, and I now know everything I never wanted to know about aging services in the great State of Arizona. After about 1 1/2 days, my brain starts to go on overload but I got lots of handouts while I replenished my supply of pens and sticky notes for another year.

My daughter is feeling better though still hasn't gotten all her test results. Hopefully that hospital visit will be a one time occurence and she can put it behind her. She had to go back to work tonight so keep a good thought for her. Sitting on your couch knitting is not the same as being on your feet all night. I suspect she'll be exhausted by Sunday night.

On the up side she was able to finish the hat she's been knitting for a friend's little girl during her time off. It is cute and soft and her first real project. I'm sure there will be many more to come, especially after she goes to visit Tempe Yarn and Fiber, my new favorite yarn store. I felt comfortable the minute I walked in. The folks were friendly and helpful and didn't laugh at me while I fondled yarn. The offered me tea, pattern ideas and suggestions for stash enhancement. Living in the boonies, I don't get much chance to actually touch the many yarns out there in the real world. The internet offers many choices but just doesn't cut it when it comes to texture (and it's hard to get the fingerprints off the screen). I didn't actually buy much this time but have some ideas for the future. I will be back!


Amy Lane said...

Wow... we HAVE seduced you to the dark side, haven't we?

And seriously--there IS no place like home!

Donna Lee said...

Being able to touch the yarns makes all the difference, doesn't it? Internet buying is ok but doesn't even come close to being able to touch, smell and compare yarns next to each other. I'm glad your daughter's feeling a little better. It's harder when the children are sick than when we ourselves are, isn't it?

KnitTech said...

Hope the daughter isn't to exhausted returning work. It's nice to be home isn't it?

Em said...

There's such a feeling of relief when you come back home to your house and your chair and your stuff, isn't there? Did you get to knit in your conference at all? Momolla spends some of her less-exciting conferences working on socks. I hope your daughter starts to feel well again soon. Working when you're ill is depressing and frustrating. And watching someone you love do it is as bad. Does she have decent health insurance?