Monday, November 10, 2008

Busy, busy, busy

It is that busy time of year and I have four WIP's on the needles (plus a couple more planned that need to get done before Christmas). Although it seems like a long time until Thanksgiving, when I look at the calendar, it is just around the corner.

We are doing turkey day at our house this year instead of going to my sister-in-law's house in California. I hope I still remember how to a fancy holiday dinner. It will be just the two of us and our daughter this year, so probably will have way too much food. On the other hand, leftovers solve the dinner problem for a couple of days.

I had my first meeting with the school superintendent this morning and got up to speed on a couple of the issues. Even though we don't officially take our seats until January, the new board members are included in most meetings so we can learn. I am trying to get out and visit all of the schools before the end of December, so that should keep me hopping.

I've spent the last couple of days shoveling out our spare room and trying to find spaces for the all those extra things we store in there. Do not move to Arizona if you have a lot of stuff (toys, collections, sports equipment etc.) There are virtually no basements or attics, which makes for interesting storage issues. I just ordered a computer desk to go in the bedroom, so I can set up the new business computer. I'm much better on a deadline, so knowing the desk is coming makes me move faster. Today I'm packing up part of my depression glass collection as I don't have room to display it well. When the economy picks up, I probably should sell some of it on Ebay. For now it is going in storage.

Thank you for the nice break. Now it is back to work before I weaken and take a nap :-)


Roxie said...

Bet you slept well when you got done.

Hidden storage idea. Arrange boxes in front of the sofa, throw a cloth over them and top with a large framed picture. Voila - coffee table! Or stack boxes along the back of the sofa, cover with a cloth and top with a shelf. Instant parson's table.

Briana in Amsterdam said...

It would be awesome if you could come while I am here, I should be here for an indefinite amount of time though as long as everything goes the way I want it to go. If it doesn't I will at least be here until next year. As long as you don't come from Feb-May (I will be in India) I can explore with you! What kind of business are you starting? If you come in the off season it is cheaper....and I know cheap places to stay....

Briana in Amsterdam said...

Anytime not in summer mostly. You could check prices around now through feb and should find something reasonable. In summer they were about 1800....that was very high though

KnitTech said...

How did the fall cleaning go?

I want to get the studio cleaned out, but I don't know where to put the weights.

Amy Lane said...

Now see, we've got a garage and that's it--our closet space is practically nil, so none of us use it--in fact, the whole family stores their clothes on TOP of armoires, dressers etc. It's very sad:-)