Saturday, November 29, 2008

Relaxing weekend

I've just finished a lovely two days with our daughter and am missing her already. We tag teamed the Thanksgiving dinner which was a huge help. Dinner was awesome with plenty of favorite leftovers for the rest of the weekend.

Yesterday we started watching the first season of "Supernatural" based on the glowing description by Amy Lane. By the end of the first disc we were hooked and have now added the rest of the season to our Netflix lists. It was a relaxing day full of laughter and knitting as well.

At 10:30 PM, I realized we hadn't gotten the Christmas tree assembled and decorated as planned. Having slept in late, Nicole and I decided to get to it. After an eggnog toast we went to work. Although we usually have a real tree, this year I opted for the nice artificial one sitting in the garage to keep holiday expenses down. We played some carols and generally had a nice time.

Today as Nicole was leaving to head home, I got whacked by my husband's recliner footrest as I was getting up. It appears that I have bruised, sprained or broken the little toe on my right foot. It is painful to touch and I can't wear a shoe, so that is going to make life interesting for a while. I've been icing it, taking Advil and keeping it elevated. If it is still this sore by Monday I'll probably go to the doctor and at least get something better for pain. Ah, the holidays are such fun :-)

Have a great rest of the weekend!


Amy Lane said...

Oh... ouchie on the foot--bummer! But other than that, it sounds like a wonderful weekend! And without the tree, it also sounds spookily like mine--right down to watching Supernatural, the first season!!!

Roxie said...

Poor baby! Owie on the toesy! And there's not much to be done for a broken toe except pain killers. Bless your dear heart! You need to sit doown and watch lots more Supernatural and keep that foot up!

KnitTech said...

Poor thing, on the plus side, you have a good reason to sit and watch yummy, yummy hot guys.