Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A slight delay

I was charging ahead on cleaning out the bedroom, got the desk ordered and got all of my software in, when my sinus infection reappeared. Little by little I could feel the symptoms returning, so I'm back on antibiotics trying to kick this thing once and for all. For the last two days I've done nothing except watch television and knit. Hopefully by tomorrow I'll be ready to get back to work.

I'm saving the assembly of the computer desk for the weekend so my husband can at least help hold pieces. We don't always work together well but for furniture assembly it really takes two sets of hands (especially when the predrilled holes don't line up).

All of those projects can wait until tomorrow. Tonight I have a marinated pork tenderloin baking in the oven and the Phoenix Suns game is coming up, so all is well. Throw in a little knitting and it sounds like a fine night to me.


Amy Lane said...

Go suns! And go AWAY sinus infection! Feel better!!!

Roxie said...

Thank GOODNESS for antibiotics! How do you feel about garlic? It has antibiotic properties. Can you stand it raw? Crushed and spread on buttered toast, it will do you a whole buncha good, but you won't be getting any kisses for a while.

Good luck with the desk!