Tuesday, November 18, 2008

One sweater down

Well, I got one FO off the needles! Blue, the weiner dog, now has a new sweater. I'll be casting on for his brother Stumpy's sweater tonight. Since it is starting to get quite chilly in the Midwest, that is a good thing. I'm making good progress on my Monkey sock, except I can only work on it during the day. It is a darker colored yarn and I'm using Knitpicks Harmony DPNs. I love the feel of the needles but it is hard to see the stitches against the dark wood (or maybe it is my old eyes).

In the last two days I've felt like a real (not sick) human being. What a relief to finally feel healthy. I still have a few days of antibiotics to take and will faithfully follow the rules cause I DON'T WANT THIS BACK!

I'm working on getting out to visit all the schools and meet the principals, now that I'm a real elected official. Tonight I went to the 5th grade program musical program at my neighborhood elementary school. It was fun and I look forward to seeing more of what our schools are doing.

I keep working toward getting my desk together but haven't made much progress. I fell asleep on the couch this afternoon and barely woke up in time to go to the program. Just my body's way of telling me I'm still recuperating. I hear Roxie in my head reminding me to rest and take care of myself and go back to sleep :-) Based on her advice, I have also increased my garlic intake.

I'm off to Facebook to see what my daughter-in-law's latest craving is (last week it was coconut sno cones) and whether my daughter is surviving her nursing program this week. The instructors somehow missed that there weren't enough total points in the the test schedule and suddenly added a huge test in the next three weeks. Very unhappy students. Life is challenging all over but liberal doses of wool and purring cats reduce stress.


Roxie said...

Wool and purring cats and lots of rest. And laughter. You'll be fighting tigers in no time!

Amy Lane said...

Those stolen naps (or sneaky naps) are some of the best ones--congrats on the FO, and you'll have to remind me when the grandbaby is due again!!!

KnitTech said...

No, I don't have to call or e-mail my family... it's on the blog. Too bad most of my family aren't computer people.

Donna Lee said...

So, being on the school board means you have to, I mean "get to" go to the musical concerts?

Please finish the antibiotics so you feel better. Sleep when you need to. The holidays are coming up and you'll need your strength.

Em said...

Isn't that first-day-of-not-being-sick feeling great? You suddenly turn the corner and feel like human and not a walking snot puddle. I can't wait to see pictures of the doggy sweater, I'll bet it looks adorable on. And yes, sleep when you need to. Sleep is important. Oh, and don't listen to Momolla over there while she's hating on those fifth graders. In just a few short years, they'll be in ninth grade playing the world's worst rendition of 'Sheep May Safely Graze.' And then, you can hate on them. Trust us. :)