Sunday, November 23, 2008

Lazy Fall Day

It is a beautiful day in Arizona with clear blue skies and temps around 75 degrees. If it stayed this way all year it would be awesome! Next week is supposed to bring rain and colder weather so we might actually be able to use the fireplace on Thanksgiving. That always gives the holiday a nice cozy feel.

I wish I could say I was ready for Thanksgiving but I haven't even started my menu yet. Probably need to do that this afternoon so I can go shopping Monday. Nicole will be in Wednesday night or early Thursday so she can help with the cooking. She and I are the only ones that like deviled eggs so this is our holiday to make them. We usually finish half of them before the meal starts, but no one cares so all is good :-)

I am beginning to panic a little about getting the knitting done before Christmas but keep working away. I made it through both sleeves on the baby sweater so now am just finishing the body. Should be done sometime this week. I'm having trouble finding buttons online. It uses 5 13mm shank buttons and most of the really cute buttons are quite a bit larger than that. If you have any favorite button sites, let me know.

For those that wondered if attending school programs is a school board expectation, the answer is "no". I'm trying to show the principals and teachers that I am interested in what their schools are doing. Having worked with boards for many years, I know how easy it is to become disconnected from the real work that is happening. My goal is to be out at the schools at least a couple of times a year even though it takes a lot of time.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and stay warm if you are in the cold country!


Amy Lane said...

Don't panic--enjoy the Christmas knitting! And I'm SO glad November finally arrived--I've been holding the door open forEVER.

Em said...

Wanna trade weather? You can have the psychotic swings between seventy and thirty any time! :P

Don't panic about the gift knitting. If it gets done, so much the better. If it doesn't, here's what you do. You go to the store and obtain a couple of boxes of assorted cookies and chocolates. You also obtain a few decorative boxes. You then re-decorate the chocolates and cookies (frosting and a coating of confectioner's sugar or cocoa powder make anything look gourmet) and gift those instead (let's face it, if there's no time to knit, there's no time to cook or bake or make candy. or probably sleep. or eat.). Then, your holiday knitting is birthday knitting. And you get points for making fabulous tasty gifts. Yes, that's right. I'm encouraging you to lie to your friends and loved ones. It's the holiday spirit in a nutshell!

Donna Lee said...

I'm appalled that my daughter suggested you lie to your loved ones! It's not like she got lied to as a child.....(yes, the tooth fairy is really afraid of window fans, no, your mother did not forget....)

As for holiday knitting, I have very low goals and hopefully I'll be able to accomplish them. No promises.

Roxie said...

Or, you can box up the yarn and the pattern with an IOU. . . My brother (who drove a big 4wheel drive truck) had to come rescue me one snowy winter, and I told him, "You can't see what I'm knitting." He grinned really big and kept glancing at it the whole time we were headed home. And he pretended to be all surprised when he opened the present. He was a sweet guy. The point of the story is that you can knit in front of people if you're nearly done, and the world will not come to an end.

KnitTech said...

Hope you're ready for Thanksgiving, if not you'll be in a world of hurt.

Knit in front of the people. Most of them don't even notice what you're working on anyway. It's not lying when you say I'm making it for me. Sure you're making it for you to give away, but they don't need to know that part.